AYIMI an International Institute

AYIMI is an international institute which is representing of different international tournaments such as IYPT, IJSO, ICYS, IYNT and so on. National and international awards are given to top participants in our activities every year. We hope that this will enhance the close educational programs between Iran and other countries and will bring our young talents even closer together.
This institute is the associate member of European Physical Society and several international communities too.
It has been founded about 10 years ago to educate innovative minds , encourage young generation to learn science to enhance their potential in living better on Earth and to use natural resources in a correct way.

AYIMI has been the organizer of two different international events in 2011 and 2012 to introduce IJSO and IYPT to young students and also to give the chance to all the participants from around the world to know Iran and its culture more better.

AYIMI is going to organize other international competitions to develop scientific tourism industry.

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IJSO 2012 in Tehran
IYPT 2011 in Tehran