Team of Iran in IPT 2015

Selected team members in Iran Physicists’ Tournament (IRPT 2015) worked on several problems during a few months to make themselves ready to take part in international part of this tournament as IPT.It was the 1st time a team from Iran attended theĀ 7th IPT in Warsaw University. They were selected from several universities in country tournament as follows:

1- Parisa Vatani (Kashan Uni.)

2- Komeil Saeedabadi (Azad Uni.)

3- Mohammad Reza Noormandipour ( Shahid Beheshti Uni.)

4- Ali Amini (Ferdosi Uni.)

5- Poorya Vikilipour (Uni. of Tehran)

6- Mottahare Lotfaliani ( Yazd Uni. )

7- Mohammad Amin Bani(PhD. student , Kashan Uni. as the team leader)

8- Dr Mohammadreza Lotfaliani (team leader)

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Team of Iran in IPT 2015